At Rosmarino we love to take care of everyone, creating recipes fish and meat based, preparing vegetarian and vegan dishes and offering also to gluten free options... from the starter to the dessert!

- - Starters - -



Farmer’s burrata

burrata cheese with baked aubergines, Pachino cherry tomatoes

and Nero d’Avola (typical Sicilian wine) reduction


Spicy guazzetto

Torrefaro mussels in broth, with garlic bread croutons


Sardines “allinguate”

crispy fried sardines with wine vinegar red onions


 Vegan board

mini chickpea burger, aubergine mille-feuille, lentil fritters,

little arancino with seasonable vegetables

caponata with almonds and cocoa


 Beef fillet carpaccio

on a bouquet of rocket, with black truffle flakes

and Ragusano cheese shaves


Flattened red prawns from Mazzara

with shavings of black truffle and toasted almonds


- -First Courses- -



Cannelloni Norma

fresh pasta filled with violet aubergine, tomato passata

 and salted ricotta cheese


Alice, Alice

chitarra spaghetti from traditional grains

with masculini di magghia, (little sardines from Catania’s Gulf),

 sun dried tomatoes and toasted breadcrumbs


 Meatballs caserecce

handmade caserecce pasta served with veal meat-balls, tomato passata,

aubergines cubes and raisin


Carbonara…the Sicilian way*

handmade tagliolini pasta following a traditional recipe

with raw diced red tuna, bottarga (salted cured fish roe), and saffron


 L'aglio e olio” with the taste of the forest

chitarra spaghetti from traditional grains with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, Nubia garlic, small red chilli peppers and black truffle flakes 


Potato chicche

small handmade potato gnocchi with pink prawns,

 green courgette and lemon zests

- -Main Courses- -



Pork ossobuco

braised pork shanks with seasonal vegetables


 Veal rolls

filled with spiced breadcrumbs


 Grilled chicken thigh

marinated in Sicilian citrus juice, juniper berries and rosemary


 Swordfish roulades

filled with aubergines, baked in tomato and basil passata,

served with a sprinkle of Ragusano cheese


Paddlefish parcel

stuffed with flavoured breadcrumbs, cherry tomatoes, capers, olives

 and Maiorchino cheese




Pan-fried fish

small chunks of our catch of the day, simply floured and fried,

 served with a yoghurt cream


Eggs with truffle

with crunchy seeds, black truffle shavings, served on potato puree


 Aubergine and chickpea balls

grilled in lemon leaves


 Catch of the day

all the best from our sea