We love to take care of everyone,

creating recipes fish and meat based, preparing vegetarian and vegan dishes and offering also to gluten free options... from the starter to the dessert!

- - Starters - -


  The “B&T” (burrata and tomato) Veggy 

 creamy burrata cheese served with Pachino sundried tomatoes,

sliced fresh tomatoes and a delicate basil oil 14


Spicy guazzetto

Torrefaro mussels in a delicious and slightly spicy tomato based broth,

accompanied by crunchy bread croutons 16


Beef tartare

dressed with extra virgin olive oil, mustard and lemon juice,

garnished with tasty ragusano caciocavallo cheese 18


Sardines “allinguate”*

crispy fried sardines,

served with a refreshing yogurt and mint sauce 16


Broad beans “macco” Vegan

 traditional Sicilian broad beans purée flavoured with,

spicy oil and accompanied by crunchy bread croutons 14


Octopus salad “Sicilian style”

tender steamed octopus, served warm, with Pachino cherry tomatoes,

olives and Salina capers 18


Raw fish of the day – tasting selection

shellfish and fish carpaccio, carefully selected by our Chef.

A dive into the aromas and taste of our sea 48

(recommended for 2 people)

- -First Courses- -



Tradition with passion: pasta Norma Veggy

maccheroni pasta with tomato basil sauce,

aubergines cubes and a sprinkle of salted ricotta cheese 16


Grouper and wild fennel 

homemade linguine with diced grouper, aromatic wild fennel “pesto”

and toasted breadcrumbs 20



fresh pasta, filled with pistachio and ricotta cheese,

served with cherry tomatoes and swordfish cubes 20


Spaghetti with meatballs

spaghetti from traditional grains with tomato basil sauce,

and delicious tiny meatballs 18


Carbonara…the Sicilian way

reinterpretation of a classic, Sicilian style: homemade linguine

with diced tuna tartare, bottarga (salted cured fish roe), and saffron 22


“L'aglio e olio” with the taste of the forest Vegan

“chitarra” spaghetti from traditional grains with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes,

Nubia garlic, small red chilli peppers and black truffle flakes 18


Pasta al sugo

maccheroni pasta with traditional pork red sauce ragout,

with rosemary and juniper berries16


“L'aglio e olio” with the taste of the forest Vegan

spaghetti from traditional grains with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, mushrooms,

cherry tomatoes, red chilli peppers and black truffle flakes 20


- -Main Courses- -


Traditional swordfish

swordfish steak “au gratin”, lightly coated with breadcrumbs, capers, green olives and cherry tomatoes 22


Sicilian beef fillet

juicy and tender grilled beef fillet,

served with a tasty “bruschetta” sauce 30


Eggs with truffle Veggy

fried eggs with crunchy seeds and black truffle shavings,

served on potato puree 20


The fisherman’s soup

chunks of our fresh catch of the day, cooked with basil tomato sauce,

capers, olives and potatoes 24


Braciole messinesi

tasty rolled beef, filled with spiced breadcrumbs, parmesan

and little chunks of provola cheese 20


 Crazy for fried fish!

fried calamari and peeled prawns,

with a refreshing yogurt and mint sauce on the side 20


White beans and sundried tomato balls Vegan

grilled in lemon leaves,

accompanied with our traditional "salmoriglio" 18


Grilled chicken thigh

tender deboned chicken thigh, marinated in citrus juice,

 cardamom, sage and rosemary 18

 - -Dessert- -


Strawberry-tastic panna cotta Veggy

 with vanilla pods, served with lots of strawberries

and basil sugar 8


Tiramisù with Marsala wine Veggy

 a traditional Italian classic,

with a touch of Sicily 8


Orange fairy cake Vegan

soft fairy cake made with Sicilian orange juice,

served with vegan whipped cream and almonds flakes 8


Traditional Sicilian cannolo Veggy

crunchy cannolo shell filled with tasty sheep’s ricotta cheese,

 as tradition dictates 8


 Chocolate mousse Veggy

fluffy dark chocolate mousse enriched with salted caramel

 and Avola almonds 8


Lemon sorbet Vegan

refreshing and smooth sorbet

 made with Sicilian lemons juice 7


Pizzo Calabro artisan ice-cream truffles Veggy

hazelnut and cocoa with a creamy chocolate heart


Bronte pistachios filled with Nutella 8